Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meezer sun time

The kittens spent a lot of time in the sun today. Stanley sat by himself (like usual), while Patrick and Gato cuddled in the kitty bed. Patrick gave Gato a good grooming and cleared out her ears. He hasn't groomed himself in a while, so it was a welcome sight. The meezers have different personalities, but one thing is certain, they all love their time in the sun.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Breakfast time!

I woke up this morning thinking about Patrick. We got up and looked at his bed, expecting to find him, but Patrick wasn't in it. The search started and we looked all over, eventually finding him downstairs, waiting for his breakfast. He hasn't come down for breakfast in a few days. I think this is a sign that the fluids are working and he may be getting back to his old self, at least a little bit.

Patrick scarfed down his food and then turned his attention to Gato’s plate. We had to steer him back to his own plate a few times. Patrick is a habitual food bully, so I think this is another good sign his old personality is coming back. Stanley focused quietly on his food and ignored what was happening across the room.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Patrick's 2nd dose of subcutaneous (sub-q)

Patrick woke up early and appeared to have a good morning. I haven’t seen him eat that much breakfast in a while. Later we caught him napping with Gato. It felt wonderful to see them like that. Patrick came downstairs to nibble a couple times throughout the afternoon. I was impressed by the change, but it wouldn't last all day. We gave Patrick had his second dose of sub-q fluids today. Unfortunately, he did not handle it as well as I expected. He put up a bigger fight today and tried hard to escape the “burrito” towel wrap we used to restrain him. When it was over, Patrick just slumped to his side and didn’t stand right away. We helped him up and haven’t seen much of him. He’s been avoiding us ever since. I'm sorry Patrick, I hate doing this to you.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Patrick's CRF: Day 1 & 2

Yesterday we found out Patrick’s kidneys are failing. The vet called us to confirm it, a few hours after our appointment that morning. My stomach dropped when I heard the words. We lost Chuckie to CRF and it was very hard on her as well as us. We also believe Patrick may have had a mild stroke. He’s been a little slow for a while, but this isn’t my alpha cat. The good news is he hasn’t given up, and he was back in the sun by mid-afternoon with his friend Stanley.

Today we started the first dose of sub-q fluids. Patrick handled it a lot better than I expected. He put up a fight, but it did not last long. I think he’s too weak right now. Fluids have been a regular thing around here with Stanley. He’s been on them since arriving at Save-A-Pet. I have a terrible phobia of needles. I’m sure they can sense my fear.

I spent a good amount of time today reflecting on Patrick’s time with us. I also spent a lot of time holding back tears. I’ve never known a more loyal cat. He would risk his life to defend his family and that’s been proven on at least one occasion. Now it is our turn to take care of him. I’m reading up again on Feline CRF and it’s bringing back many memories. I’m just grateful that we have a chance to make the most of our time with Patrick.

The original meezers.com blog was intended as a fun way for Gato to tell her story, from her own perspective. Since Stanley’s, and now Patrick’s condition, it just hasn’t been a priority. I’m pulling down the original posts and comments, at least temporarily. Thank you to everyone that has wrote and commented on Gato and the boys. For now, I want to write about Stanley and Patrick’s treatments, so others might benefit.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Introducing Stanley

Stanley (AKA Lorna Doone AKA Mai Tai), a chocolate point siamese, is the newest addition to our family. He came to us from Save-A-Pet in 2008, as a permanent foster. We're told Stanley is about 15 years old. He looks good for his age if that’s true. Stanley was an only cat, so he doesn’t always know the proper social etiquette around other cats. He is kind of a misfit and awkward.

We’re actually Stanley’s third home. His original owner gave him up recently. I’m sure that was a terrible change for him. Another family adopted Stanley before us, but quickly returned because of “litter box issues”. We have found out about his little box issues, but we believe it’s medical related and we’re doing everything we can to help him. I couldn’t imagine sending him back to the shelter because of it.

In addition to his litter box issues, he also has a habit of biting. This behavior seems to come out of nowhere, and is primarily directed at women. His ears will go back, and that’s your final warning that someone is about to get bit. We try to identify the early warning signs and defuse the situation, but he can be sneaky about it. I wish I knew what was triggering these outbursts. I know he really is a good cat and doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

About a year after bringing Stanley home, we found out he has cancer. We already knew he was hyperthyroid. He's been put on several medications and sub-q fluids. It's contributing to his litter pan problems too. Overall, he seems to be doing well and he puts up a good fight when it's time for the fluids. He still has his strengh. I don't think he knows how sick he really is.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Introducing Patrick

Patrick (AKA Buddy AKA Herrera) came to us from Texas Siamese Rescue in 2000. He was cat #793 on their list. I met Patrick on my first visit to volunteer at the shelter. He was actually staying in a small cage, in the back of a veterinarian’s office. There were about 40 cats in separate cages. This was the last stop for anti-social and aggressive cats. A “Caution” sticker was on his cage, as a warning to anyone that would consider sticking a finger between the bars.

I spent a few minutes getting to know him while he sniffed my hand. Eventually I opened the door to his cage and stuck my head in. Patrick moved to the front of his cage, and then licked me on the nose. That would become one of his signature moves and to this day, I always enjoy when he comes up to give me a kiss.

Within a couple weeks of working with the shelter, we adopted Patrick and took him home. That is when I realized why he had a Caution sticker on his cage. This cat hates pet carriers and traveling. I had to put on the thick leather gloves to protect myself from being scratched and bitten. That would become another one of his signature moves and to this day, he puts up a fight every time he has to travel.

Patrick has experienced medical issues over the years. He was hyperthyroid a while back. We opted for the Radiocat treatment, instead of medication. Unfortunately, he was one of the 1%-2% with side effects, which caused high blood pressure. he is now on medication twice a day.

It’s hard for me to see him as he is today, an older cat that now has trouble walking and climbing. I’m just glad that we found him and he’s been with us for so long. He's our little sock mover, and I sure do love this old cat. He is a loyal friend and protector.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Introducing Gato

Gato (AKA Supermercado Gato) came to our family in 1997, as a six week old, blue point Siamese kitten. From the start, she was a very dominant kitten and her personality has not changed. There's no question she's a Meezer! Over the years, we have spoiled Gato and she has no idea how rough the world can be. Unfortunately, some of our other cats have not been so lucky. Her roommates have come from various shelters in Texas and Illinois, most have sad stories to tell. Fortunately for them, the rest of their lives will be spent with us and their new sister Gato. We will do our best to give them all happy home.

This blog is dedicated to Gato and all of the cats that have lived with us along the way.