Saturday, September 26, 2009

Patrick's 2nd dose of subcutaneous (sub-q)

Patrick woke up early and appeared to have a good morning. I haven’t seen him eat that much breakfast in a while. Later we caught him napping with Gato. It felt wonderful to see them like that. Patrick came downstairs to nibble a couple times throughout the afternoon. I was impressed by the change, but it wouldn't last all day. We gave Patrick had his second dose of sub-q fluids today. Unfortunately, he did not handle it as well as I expected. He put up a bigger fight today and tried hard to escape the “burrito” towel wrap we used to restrain him. When it was over, Patrick just slumped to his side and didn’t stand right away. We helped him up and haven’t seen much of him. He’s been avoiding us ever since. I'm sorry Patrick, I hate doing this to you.


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