Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Introducing Patrick

Patrick (AKA Buddy AKA Herrera) came to us from Texas Siamese Rescue in 2000. He was cat #793 on their list. I met Patrick on my first visit to volunteer at the shelter. He was actually staying in a small cage, in the back of a veterinarian’s office. There were about 40 cats in separate cages. This was the last stop for anti-social and aggressive cats. A “Caution” sticker was on his cage, as a warning to anyone that would consider sticking a finger between the bars.

I spent a few minutes getting to know him while he sniffed my hand. Eventually I opened the door to his cage and stuck my head in. Patrick moved to the front of his cage, and then licked me on the nose. That would become one of his signature moves and to this day, I always enjoy when he comes up to give me a kiss.

Within a couple weeks of working with the shelter, we adopted Patrick and took him home. That is when I realized why he had a Caution sticker on his cage. This cat hates pet carriers and traveling. I had to put on the thick leather gloves to protect myself from being scratched and bitten. That would become another one of his signature moves and to this day, he puts up a fight every time he has to travel.

Patrick has experienced medical issues over the years. He was hyperthyroid a while back. We opted for the Radiocat treatment, instead of medication. Unfortunately, he was one of the 1%-2% with side effects, which caused high blood pressure. he is now on medication twice a day.

It’s hard for me to see him as he is today, an older cat that now has trouble walking and climbing. I’m just glad that we found him and he’s been with us for so long. He's our little sock mover, and I sure do love this old cat. He is a loyal friend and protector.


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