Thursday, September 24, 2009

Introducing Stanley

Stanley (AKA Lorna Doone AKA Mai Tai), a chocolate point siamese, is the newest addition to our family. He came to us from Save-A-Pet in 2008, as a permanent foster. We're told Stanley is about 15 years old. He looks good for his age if that’s true. Stanley was an only cat, so he doesn’t always know the proper social etiquette around other cats. He is kind of a misfit and awkward.

We’re actually Stanley’s third home. His original owner gave him up recently. I’m sure that was a terrible change for him. Another family adopted Stanley before us, but quickly returned because of “litter box issues”. We have found out about his little box issues, but we believe it’s medical related and we’re doing everything we can to help him. I couldn’t imagine sending him back to the shelter because of it.

In addition to his litter box issues, he also has a habit of biting. This behavior seems to come out of nowhere, and is primarily directed at women. His ears will go back, and that’s your final warning that someone is about to get bit. We try to identify the early warning signs and defuse the situation, but he can be sneaky about it. I wish I knew what was triggering these outbursts. I know he really is a good cat and doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

About a year after bringing Stanley home, we found out he has cancer. We already knew he was hyperthyroid. He's been put on several medications and sub-q fluids. It's contributing to his litter pan problems too. Overall, he seems to be doing well and he puts up a good fight when it's time for the fluids. He still has his strengh. I don't think he knows how sick he really is.


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