Saturday, October 3, 2009

Patrick is out and about

A mobile vet stopped by this week, to check on Patrick. He has been doing better ever since. Patrick's appetite has increased and he didn’t sleep in the closet last night. WHISKAS® PURRFECTLY™ Fish and plain yogurt are his current favorites. It is still a little hard for him to walk. The stroke has taken away his balance. I hope that he’ll start getting some strength back in his hind legs. We have increased the sub-q fluids, so he’s getting it every 12 hours now. The vet is coming back out today for a second look. The biggest concern right now is that he hasn’t pooped in a few days. That is obviously painful and he is making unsuccessful attempts as using the litter pan. Overall, we’re very happy with the progress Patrick is making, although he still has a long way to go.

While Patrick has been recuperating, Stanley and Gato have become closer. Gato can tell Patrick is sick, and she has been keeping watch over him. I just think Gato can tell that Patrick isn’t ready to cuddle full-time yet, so she’s picking up the slack with Stanley. They’ve been spending a lot of time together. Gato needs a cuddle-buddy.


PoesTosca said...

BIG HUG from me Patrick!

Mr. Echo said...

Thanks for visiting me! It's nice to meet a fellow alum from Texas Meezer Rescue. I'm sorry to heer about Patrick's CRF. The kitty who came before, Karma, went to the bridge from that but she had almost 20 good yeers with our Mommy. And Nikki, who wuz heer when I first got heer had the thyroid problim too. I send purrs to yoo all.

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