Sunday, October 25, 2009

Patrick is resting

Patrick is downstairs, sleeping near me as I write this. He had a big day with family staying with us over the weekend. Patrick spent most of his day on a heating pad, with Gato nearby. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had much to eat today. He didn’t sleep with us last night and I bet he would stay downstairs tonight if I were to let him. I’ll probably have to carry him back upstairs to bed tonight.

Earlier in the week, Patrick began peeing where he sat. We thought he was getting weak and losing control of his bladder. Our home vet determined it was a bladder infection and prescribed antibiotics. After a couple days on the antibiotics, Patrick stopped having accidents. We wonder if the medicine is upsetting his stomach and keeping him from eating.

I am disappointed the prescription that the animal pharmacy provided was bubblegum flavored liquids for the antibiotics. I can’t believe there isn’t some other cat friendly flavor. Patrick takes the twice a day dose better than we expected. In fact, he has been the best patient for his daily sub-q fluids. He stays on his side without putting up much of a fight. The boy even kissed me on the nose a couple times while we held him still. So much for the “Caution” warning, he came with.

Gato and Stanley have been very kind to Patrick lately. No one has tried to take advantage of his weakness. I'm very proud of them. I don't think the three cats have ever spent this much time sitting near each other without fighting. Until last night, they had even been sleeping near each other in bed. I don't think has ever happened before. They are certainly watching over their big brother.


Egypt & The Musketeers said...

They can be very good when someone isn't feeling well.

Extra purrs to Patrick.

Anonymous said...

Not an easy time - I have heart disease so Mom always hovers over me and gives in to my demands.

Many prayers and purrs for Patrick and his family.


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