Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Patrick is still with us.

Our vet just left, but we did not go through as planned. Once the time came, we just could not agree on the decision. One of us wasn’t ready and this has to be a decision we all agree on. We will take a week to see how Patrick does. He has been giving us mixed signals since Sunday. On one hand, he has lost control of his bladder and he is very wobbly on his feet. On the other hand, he seems much more alert and his appetite has greatly improved. He's spent the last two nights sleeping in bed with us. Patrick is also trying to clean himself, which we haven’t seen him do in a long time.

The vet didn’t think he was in pain and said it wouldn’t be wrong to wait a little longer. She also made it clear that we need to be realistic and not expect a miracle. We will continue with his IV and medication. He will be confined to the bedroom, so he doesn't fall down the stairs. We are also going to get a urine sample, to see if he has an infection that is causing his incontinence. I hope we haven’t made a selfish decision that will cause him to suffer later. I am very confused right now and emotionally drained.


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