Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Patrick is diagnosed with Anemia

Our regular vet diagnosed Patrick with Anemia last week. It is a direct result of his CRF and unfortunately, common for cats with his condition. The anemia has caused him to lose his appetite and become lethargic. The vet suggested we give Patrick a supplement called Pet-Tinic to help with the anemia. We can mix the liquid in with his food. We’ve been giving him the Pet-Tinic for a few days and it appears to be helping him, at least with a little extra energy.

Until yesterday, he spent the last four days upstairs and didn’t come down for breakfast. We have been spoon-feeding him several times a day. He will not eat unless you put the food right in his face. We awoke to a surprise yesterday and found Patrick wasn’t in his bed. He was waiting for us downstairs in the kitchen, in his normal feeding area. Although he didn’t eat, it was good to see that he finally got himself out of bed and downstairs on his own. Now we just want to see him eat on his own again.


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