Monday, October 26, 2009

Patrick is hiding

Patrick has moved to a closet and he is hiding in a dark corner. He hasn't been hiding like this in over a week. The poor boy hasn't had anything to eat on his own in about three days. Over the weekend I felt he was about to make a turn, but I didn't expect it to be in this direction.


Your Daily Cute said...

So sorry to hear that Patrick is not doing well. If he decides it is his time to go, take comfort in the fact that there are many amazing, sweet, friendly and loving friends waiting for him there.

He will be missed, but he will always be loved.

{{hugs}} for you AND Patrick.

George The Duck and the HotMBC Kittehs said...

I will send lots of prayers and my kitties lots of purrs for Patrick and your whole family.
*ducky hugs*

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